Nacka, Sweden
Collective Housing, Landscape, Public Space

Invited competition, Oscar Properties
Beatriz de Uña Bóveda & Kuba Kolec at OOAK. All rights belong to OOAK.

The Sickla area is undergoing a rapid transformation, evolving into an extension of Stockholm City. With a blend of commerce, services, and residential development, a new identity is emerging. Currently, the area exhibits a diverse architectural character in terms of typology and scale. Our aim was to create an urban environment that bridges the existing mixed, non-urban development with a new neighborhood typology tailored to the site's unique conditions and requirements.

The new housing development is situated on a plinth, featuring entrances and courtyards that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding topography across two floors. Comprising five towers, our design introduces a playful and dynamic residential neighborhood by staggering boxes of three different sizes. Through variations in floor numbers and rotations of the towers, we achieve a visually engaging and vibrant living space, transforming essentially identical towers into an exciting ensemble.