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We are a creative architecture firm with a strong European influence and a global outlook, located in New York and Madeira. The studio’s philosophy is to create timeless and unique interventions that evoke a sense of comfort and connection.

The process remains the same when we design a school in Portugal that draws urban elements from the old city, a museum in Norway where the forest is invited indoors, or a skylighted cabin in Sweden for a stargazing enthusiast.

Our work has been featured in many printed and online publications, several of our projects were individually awarded or mentioned as results of past competitions, and our proposal for a museum in Tampere was showcased at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai.

Beatriz de Uña Bóveda



Beatriz de Uña Bóveda is a Spanish architect and educator. who studied and worked in multiple countries. She graduated with honors from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain and is a licensed architect in Spain and Portugal.

She has served as a guest critic at KTH and a jury member at various institutions in the USA. In the past, she worked as a project manager in Stockholm, Sweden, and New York City, USA. She is currently based in Brooklyn.

Kuba Kolec



Kuba Kolec is a Polish architect with extensive experience in the industry. After working as a designer and 3D artist in the UK for four years, he moved to Sweden where he worked as an architect for eight years. Kuba was a key designer at AIX Arkitekter, one of the country's leading firms, and later joined Erik Giudice Architects, where he contributed to several award-winning public competitions.

Kuba is a certified architect in Sweden and Portugal and holds a degree from KTH in Stockholm. He currently resides in Madeira, Portugal.

Pedro-Juan Gomberto

Pedro-Juan Gomberto is a French architect with experience working in Australia, Sweden, and the USA over the past 7 years. He studied in Stockholm and Paris and began his professional career in Sydney with the urban design team at AJC. He later joined AIX Arkitekter in Stockholm, where he designed public facilities and residential buildings.

Pedro-Juan Gomberto moved to New York 4 years ago where he worked at Office YDJ, managing high-end residential, office, and retail projects. He is currently located in Brooklyn.

Selected Press

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